Power of One

I heard you have started “One Rupee Morcha" ! Why are your spoiling Khalsa (Sikhism) tradition with your own new Concept (Manmat) ? Davinder Singh asked Hargun Singh (In anger).

HARGUN SINGH (Humbly) : Yes my dear Brother ! We are educating and encouraging Sikh sangat to directly help the poor with their precious dasvand (1/10 of the income) because in recent times Sikhs have seen how the money donated in Golak is being misused by management which is creating bad image of Khalsa Panth. If you closely observe the Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and Guest Houses run by Gurdwara Management Committees, its in pathetic condition. The amount of donation in Gurdwaras is enough to run schools without school fee for students, free medication for patients but we are using money to put Marbles.

DAVINDER SINGH (Angrily) : Wrongdoers like you will never improve the habits. Tell me how will Langar Sewa (Free Kitchen) be performed without money ? How will you pay electricity and water bills running into lacs of rupees ? How will you pay salaries of Sewadars and Raagis ? Its is easy to run a Gurdwara by just saying “One Rupee Morcha” !!

HARGUN SINGH (Humbly) : Without deeply studying the matter your anger is genuine. According to you “One Rupee” is too less. If you believe in Guru and his teachings, then you will agree that for spreading message of Guru we need good Sikh Character and not money. There will be never any shortage at Guru’s house.

DAVINDER SINGH (Still angry) : Talk about money ! Do not preach me !

HARGUN SINGH : The SGPC (The largest body managing Gurdwaras) have an annual budget of about 700 crores and second largest body have a budget of about 100 crores per annum. There are many Singh Sabhas in every city having a budget ranging from 10 lacs to Rs. 20 lacs per annum. For building and other activities donations are collected separately.

DAVINDER SINGH (With more anger) : You talk about One Rupee !

HARGUN SINGH (Smilingly) : There are about 5 crore people visiting various Gurdwaras every day. If we donate only 1 Rupee per day, the total collection is 1800 Crores (Rs. 18,00,00,000). I believe this is more than enough to manage Gurdwaras across the country.

Davinder Singh (Very Very Angry Now) : Do not teach me accounting ! We have understood that you are an enemy of Sikh Panth (Dusht, Paaapi, Guru Ghar de Gaddar etc. etc. etc…..)

- Balvinder Singh Bison